A Conversation with Nicola Ricci:

How would you describe your style? 
My style is nothing but the expression of myself; a score talking about me; harmony between what I show and what I hide; it’s a mix of sounds, notes and colours of symphony and bepop music. I leave fixed definitions and tags to the others… 
How do you get inspiration? 
Nature, in its continuous flux, is a never-ending source of inputs and new ideas. Moreover I draw inspiration from books, their imagined lives and, often from the gazes of men and women living with passion… 
A style tip for men who want to dress well? 
This can be a simple question, but to me it is not that easy to give an answer…I don’t consider myself wise enough to give advice. Only suggestions: study the rules, educate the senses and never gloss over who you are. 

Inspiring to not conform. Wise? Maybe, Smart? Yes!